Messianic Groups in Auckland & World wide

Messianic groups in Auckland and world wide

Various Messianic groups who are Sabbath and biblical feast observers have existed in Auckland, New Zealand and in most parts of the world since a long time, but they are fragmented and seem to be running independently in little groups, with not many people being aware of their existence, to the extent that most of them are not even aware that there are other groups operating just like them.

we have started this website for the benefit of the many people who are eagerly seeking to be part of such Messianic groups in New Zealand, Australia and the rest of the world.

We hope to help list and network such seventh day Sabbath and biblical feast observing groups, so that people are able to visit and fellowship with them.

Any Church or group who observe the seventh day Sabbath or Shabbath (as called in Hebrew) and celebrate the seven feasts of the Bible with firmly being rooted on the word of God will be included on request without any hesitation.

It does not matter in which part of the world you are living in, if you would like to open your homes for bible studies or even to hold a Shabbath service at your place, then please feel free to write about yourself and your group do not forget to add some photographs as well, please bear in mind it is a free service and there are no charges to add your details or have a web page put up on our website.

If you already have a website of your own all the more better, then just add a link to yourself from here, the only thing we ask for in return is a link back to our home page from your website, how ever please note only one link out will be permitted

More pages are getting added by the day so please do bear with us if you have not found the info you wanted, please contact us if you have any questions

You also have the freedom to Blog or share your views on our website, “it is easy, Click Here for Testimonials and Click Here for Teachings

Keeping The Sabbath
When it comes to keeping the Sabbath or Shabbath, all mainline Churches and Christians do not have any problem in denying it straight away. I searched the Bible, to find that there were some passages in the scriptures which were not matching up with Paul's teachings. I was in a dilemma not knowing what to make of it. Was Paul teaching a different message or was God contradicting himself?
Marital Roles and Love
Marriage Roles and Love: Marriage is an analogy to salvation and our relationship with God and God's relationship with Himself. The church, composed of Christ's people, are His bride, and we know and love Him. (Jesus said, “My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me,
The bible though it does not support women as pastors but the many passages in the bible show how the inherent worth and value of women. There were many women in ministry in the New Testament who provided valuable service in sometimes difficult-situations
The head covering of women is a sign that it His glory not ours and His glory should be the focus at worship and a sign of our submission to authority of God through our husbands. The coverings are an outward sign of recognizing the headship both to God and husbands or fathers and sign of respect in the presence of the Holy one in Church/fellowship/Kehilah. In the head covering we reflect the divine invisible order and make it visible.
The word submissive causes a lot of strife among the 'modern' women and 'European
Lashon Hara
Lashon Hara, Many of our brothers and sisters endlessly attack and crush each other with our words. [ Christians against Messianics, Messianics against Christians, Seventh Day Adventist against Catholics on etc] The Word of God tells us NOT TO DO THIS i.e speak evil against our brothers and sisters. This is
DEFINITION OF LENT- means the SPRING season. But if Lent means spring and it now begins and is primarily in the winter, where did it really come from?
Bible Versions
It is interesting that the devil seems to be attempting to remove fasting and the knowledge that the Word of God is true, spiritual food from being revealed in God's Word.
Scripture is good for all teachings because: The word of God is like Pure Gold! even the dust is
A Testimonial is a first hand account of a miracle that has happened in ones own life giving credit to God, for doing something that is humanly impossible.It is impossible to make a claim that you are walking with God, if you have no testimonial of the works of the Holy Spirit in your life..
Messianic Fellowship
Messianic fellowship in Auckland scarce and few in numbers but growing steadily and more people are coming to the knowledge of the Hebraic understanding of the scriptures and the Messianic fellowships
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